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Governor McDonnell Declines to Intervene in Soering Parole Request

(Office of the Governor of Virginia, May 24, 2011, Link)

RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell today issued the following statement regarding inmate Jens Soering's request that the Governor intervene in Soering's parole review.

"Jens Soering was convicted by a Bedford County jury in 1990 for the 1985 gruesome murders of Derek and Nancy Haysom, crimes he confessed, on multiple occasions, to committing.  He is currently serving two life sentences in a Virginia prison."

"At the request of Soering's attorney, I have reviewed Soering's request for parole, and nothing in the information provided by Soering or his attorney provides any basis for me to doubt the judgment of the jury in this case or the veracity of Soering's own confessions.  Under Virginia law, the Parole Board is responsible for determining whether parole should be granted.  With this in mind and based on my review, I decline to intervene."

"Additionally, to the extent that Soering's petition is a request for a pardon or any other form of clemency, that request is also denied.  Consistent with my statement last year denying his transfer to Germany, it is imperative that Soering serve out his punishment in the Commonwealth of Virginia."