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LU professor working to start project to exonerate those wrongfully convicted

(by Ashley Anne, wdbj7, April 10, 2019, Link)


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- DNA testing is being used to crack decades old cases, including exonerating those who are innocent.

Now, with a recently accredited Forensic Science Program, Dr. James McClintock is heading up a new initiative at Liberty University.

It's called the Justice Project. "We could look at cases and try to see if there's enough data, that we could exonerate the ones that have been wrongfully convicted," he said.

The idea is still in the planning phases.

It will require both of LU's forensic science laboratories to pass an additional accreditation process.

Working DNA cases isn't anything new to McClintock.

He's overseen about dozen over the past few years, including the Jens Söring case out of Bedford County. "He's been incarcerated for 33 years and there's new evidence that suggest that he was not present at the crime scene."

With about four DNA laboratories in Virginia, McClintock says having one at LU could help clear up back logged cases.

He says it's all about finding Justice. "Someone who has been wrongfully convicted, is innocent," he added.

McClintock hopes to have the science labs accredited next year and to roll out the new project shortly after.